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Cambridge IV,2018,1

TH opposes the attempts by the feminist movement to redefine roles and behaviours traditionally associated with women (e.g. wanting to be a housewife, wearing make-up and heels) as empowering

Feminism/Gender No Theme


THW implement substantial measures to impose long-termism in corporate investment culture (e.g. minimum holding periods for shares, yearly rather than quarterly financial reporting, long-term executive compensation plans)

Economics No Theme

BP Novice East,2019,1

THW censor and remove all contents (including books and tweets) which are deemed to be anti-vaccination

Health Media/SNS No Theme


TH supports granting megacities autonomous control over their economic and social policy (e.g. immigration, health, criminal justice) with national taxation policy remaining under the control of the federal government

Megacities are cities with a population of over 10 million people
Politics No Theme


THBT it is unjustified to assist evil regimes in systematically persecuting members of their identity group in order to mitigate and moderate the regime's abuses (e.g. Israel Kasztner in Nazi-controlled Hungary, Wang Jingwei in Japan-occupied China)

No Theme


THW limit the amount of time that a museum can display a given piece of art to 3 months out of every 10 year period, rather than allow museums to display their works as long as they choose

The art that you see in a museum typically comes from one of the following sources: i) that museum’s permament collection that’s always on display, ii) that museum’s permament collection that is mostly kept in storage and may occasionally be displayed (the largest museums usually display as little as 5% of their collections); iii) pieces lent to that museum on a temporary basis by another museum iv) pieces donated or lent by private individuals or institutions.
Art/Sport/Culture No Theme


THBT social movements should emphasize an individual's capacity to change their circumstances in the face of oppression, as opposed to emphasizing the structures that restrict and determine an individual's fate.

No Theme

Oxford IV,2018,SF

THBT the use of erotic capital by women does more harm than good

Feminism/Gender No Theme


THBT international finantial institutions (e.g. World Bank, ADB, AIIB tec) should prioritize projects in nations and regions that have lower gender inequaity index( = prioritize gender equal countries)

An international financial institution is an institution that provides finantial and professional advising for the purpose of development. For example, the World Bank has financed many project to build infrastructures. The Gender Inequality Index measures the quantity of loss of achievement within a counrty due to gender Inequality. It measures the loss on three dimensions of reproductive health, empowerment, and labor market participation of women. The lower the Gender Inequality Index, the more gender equal the society
Feminism/Gender No Theme


TH, as South Africa, would forcibly break up exclusive Afrikaaner enclaves

Afrikaaners are a white South African ethnic group descended from predominantly Dutch settlers.
Minority No Theme


THR the recent corporate campaigning for LGBT rights.(e.g.appearance in pride parades, usage of rainbows in logos and branding.)

Minority No Theme


THBT medical institutions in developed countries should neither cooperate with, nor use the data produced by, medical institutions in developing countries that do not meet standards in developed countries on human crinical trials

Medical institutions in developing countires (e.g. Southeast Asia, Central Asia) are becoming increasingly competitive within the field of human clinical trials and now constitute a major share of world's scientific output. These trials operate under local medical standards that are pointed out to be less stringent than ones in developed countries.
Health No Theme


THW break up Disney

The Walt Disney Company owns Pixar, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox, ABC and dozens of other studios, media networks, amusement parks and merchandising rights
Economics No Theme


In situations where deliberate economic policies by another state have caused substantial economic harms, THBT international law should reeognise that-mlitary-retaliation can be-justified e.g. restricting access to important trade routes or straits, aggressively increasing the price of vital commodities, limiting access to strategic resources

Economics No Theme

EUDC,2019,Pre QF

THBT local governments in developing countries should allocate significant portions of their budget via Participatory Budgeting

Participatory Budgeting’ is a process in which ordinary civilians decide how to allocate part of a municipal or local public budget. Citizens propose and prioritize spending projects within a predefined amount of funding, and the government is bound by the decisions they made, e.g, local transportation projects, subsidies, and educational and cultural programs
Development No Theme


TH supports first generation immigrants to Western Europe encouraging their children to fully assimilate and identify with the local culture

Child/Reproduction No Theme


THW ban religious institutions from asking for donations from their followers

Religion No Theme


THBT China should transition from its character-based script to an alphabet-based script

In a character-based script,a written character represents a word or phrase, but may not clear as to how it is spoken.In an alphabat-based script, individual character represent sounds rather than concepts, and are combined to make words and phrases that have meanings.
Art/Sport/Culture No Theme


TH prefers a world where human beings have no desire to have sex

Child/Reproduction No Theme

Oxford IV,2018,1

Assuming feasibility, THW ban all research into the possible genetic origins of sex, race and sexuality

Health No Theme

Oxford IV,2018,2

THBT environmental advocacy groups should prioritise lobbying governments to change environmental policy (e.g. cap and trade policies, banning environmentally harmful chemicals) rather than convincing individuals to take responsibility for their contribution to environmental damage (e.g. reducing/recycling waste, taking public transport)

Environment No Theme


THBT the protections of international law conventions and treaties should not apply to combatants from terrorist organisations (e.g. prohibition on torture, prisoner of war status, guarantee of post-conflict release)

Military/Security No Theme


THBT the ongoing process of decolonisation should include actively disempowering religions that were imposed on the country during colonialism

Decolonisation refers to the process of critiquing and moving away from value systems and influences that were imposed on countries during colonialism. Some examples include: removing statues of colonial figures e.g. Cecil Rhodes, prioritising indigenous narratives of history over colonial narratives, replacing colonial authors with local authors in curricula.
Education/Academia Religion No Theme


THBT if you choose to treat your lover and not the complete stranger, you will be morally blameworthy

Assuming that Ebola has spread to Japan, and you are a doctor who has just invented the cure, but only have one indivisible portion of it, and the only two patients in your care are your lover and a complete stranger, both of whom are in critical condition and will certainly die without treatment within a few hours
Health No Theme


TH opposes the idea of Social Contract as a rationale for citizens’ obligation to obey the state’s coercive decisions (such as laws and policies)

Social Contract is a political theory that attempts to justify coercion of citizens by the state by claiming that the state exists because citizens agreed to establish it to promote common good. This agreement is usually referred to as the Social Contract
No Theme

China BP,2018,OF

TH opposes the dominant social norm in favor of monogamy

Narrative/Norm No Theme


THW actively encourage women not to have children

Feminism/Gender No Theme


THBT the Netherlands should allow citizens to purchase additional votes from the government at a cost proportional to their wealth (for example, one additional vote for 1% of wealth)

The Netherlands has a political system with many political parties in which no one party typically gets a majority of the vote Seats in the parliament are allocated in proportion to the number of votes received by each party on a national level (‘proportional representation’) The government is formed by the coalition of parties that has a majority in the parliament
Politics No Theme


THBT the US should provide campaign funding for federal and state confressmen and senators who score highly on bipartisan metrics* *Info: Scores derived from instances of voting with the other party, co-sponsoring bills, etc, calculated by independent bodies

IR No Theme


TH prefers a non-adversarial legal system

In an adversarial legal system (which is implemented in most countries), the prosecution and defense perform investigations, provide evidence, question witnesses and make legal arguments in an attempt to win the case, while the judge(s) are relatively passive observers and act as an impartial referee. In a non-adversarial legal system, the judge takes responsibility for most of the investigative process ? questioning defendants and witnesses, ordering searches to be done ? in an attempt to gather facts and look for any and all evidence in an impartial way. The prosecution and defense may be questioned by the judge, but have no control over the proceedings, and perform a minor role within the court.
CJS No Theme


THW create an international court with the ability to classify national debt as “odious debt” at the debtor nation’s request and remove the obligation of that nation to repay

Economics No Theme


THBT it is in the interest of the Chinese Communist Party to cease attempts to infringe on “One Country, Two Systems” in Hong Kong, rather than continuing its current approach

IR No Theme


THW prefer a religion which preaches that one’s fate in the material world is predetermined rather than one which preaches that choices influence it

Religion No Theme


This house believes that LGBT groups should actively seek to include Side B Christians

Side B Christians are Christians who identify as experiencing same sex attraction but nevertheless believe that homosexual sex is sinful and therefore attempt to remain celibate.
Minority No Theme


THS the creation and use of Lethal Autonomous Robots

Lethal Autonomous Robots are fully autonomous military weapons that can select and engage targets without human intervention
Military/Security No Theme


THW allow workers to sell their rights in exchange for higher pay

Labor/Welfare No Theme


THR the rise of social influencers

A Social Influencer is a user on social media who has established credibility in a specific field. A social media influencer has access to a large audience (e.g. followers on Twitter/ Instagram and subscribers on YouTube) and can persuade others by virtue of their appeal and reach
Media/SNS No Theme

BP Novice East,2018,1

THW not give medical treatment to patients of attempted suicide

Health No Theme

BP Novice Kanto,2017,1

THW ban sacreligious expressions

Religion No Theme


THR “#womenagainstfeminism” movement

“#womenagainstfeminism” movement is a social media campaign on Facebook, YouTube, and other internet media in which women post pictures of themselves holding up handmade placards stating reasons why they disapprove of modern feminism.
Feminism/Gender No Theme


THW legalize self-help

Self-help is an act of remedying a loss inflicted by illegal actions and returning something to its original state by yourself, without resorting to legal proceeding.Self-help includes stealing back what was stolen, or ejecting a tenant from the house when he didn’t pay the rent. It is different from, for example, punching back someone who punched you because punching back doesn’t make yourself back to the original state.
CJS No Theme

Ryoso,2017,Rookie GF

THBT schools should put students into classes according to their academic ability from the early stage of education

Education/Academia No Theme


TH rejects all narratives that depict insect-jisatsu as honorable

Narrative/Norm No Theme


In times of crisis, THBT the state should withhold information that may damage public confidence

No Theme


In relaiton to the sexual allegations scandals of the Vatican, THBT Pope Francis should resign.

Religion No Theme


THBT the US should cut military funding for Saudi Arabia.

Military/Security No Theme


THBT education should reward contentment with what you have, ratehr than ambition to achieve more.

Education/Academia No Theme


THBT taxation policy should be decided by unelected economists selected by their peers.

Economics No Theme


THW break up banks that are deemed “too big to fail” such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and HSBC

Economics No Theme

Oxford IV,2017,2

THBT twitter has done more harm than good

Media/SNS No Theme


THW introduce female gender quota for judges

Feminism/Gender No Theme


THBT the feminist movement should actively oppose norms of stable monogamous relationships

Feminism/Gender No Theme


TH opposes the norm that romantic love should be the primary source of fulfilment in a person's life

Love No Theme

China BP,2018,5

THBT academic journals should not publish articles that characterize colonialism as positive

Education/Academia No Theme

China BP,2018,6

Assuming feasibility, in countries with conscription, THW forcibly delete all soldiers’ memories of combat situations upon their discharge

Military/Security No Theme

China BP,2018,8

TH, as Iran, Would resume its nuclear weapons program

Military/Security No Theme

China BP,2018,9

THW allow political parties to make binding electoral promises that, once broken, will immediately trigger reelection

Politics No Theme

China BP,2018,HS GF

THW abolish constitutional monarchies

Politics No Theme

China BP,2018,QF

THBT President Vladimir Putin is good for Russia

Politics No Theme

China BP,2018,SF

THBT the Pope should be elected by Catholics around the world

Religion No Theme


TH supports governments significantly increasing their use of big data-based predictive models in decision-making to replace human judgements (e.g. criminal justice policy, allocation of healthcare resources, housing development)

Recently there has been an increased use of big data and sophisticated algorithms in making various policy judgements. As technology in machine learning and artificial intelligence advances, it is becoming more feasible to apply such methods to more government decision making process.
CJS Labor/Welfare No Theme

China BP,2018,GF

THBT Asian education systems should actively promote the view that Asian culture is superior to Western Culture

Education/Academia No Theme

China BP,2017,1

THBT China should set maximum rents for residential properties in large urban centers

Economics No Theme


TH, as Iran, would cease all support for military groups in the Middle East (e.g. Hezbollah, Hamas, Houthis, etc.)

Military/Security No Theme


TH, as the executive body would choose to eliminate based on utility over a random draw.

In 2200, the world is unable to accomodate everyone. The only way for half the population to survice is to eliminate the other hald. A confidential world executive body was formed in order to deal with this issue.
Morality No Theme


THS South Korea’s rejection of the potential trilateral military USA-Korea-Japan alliance

President Moon Jae-in has recently commented that it is not appropriate to develop the cooperation to a level of trilateral military alliance in response to USA’s demand for such an alliance. “In response to North Korea’s nuclear and missiles provocations, in addition to the cooperation with the US, such cooperation with Japan has also become very important.” “But I don’t believe that it is desirable to develop the trilateral cooperation into a military alliance.” ? Moon Jae-in, Nov 3 2017
IR Military/Security No Theme


THBT development of infrastructure in developing countries should be led by the state, as opposed to the private sector

Labor/Welfare Health No Theme

Cambridge IV,2018,2

THS countries withdrawing from the International Criminal Court in order to create their own regional replacements (e.g. an African Criminal Court, an InterAmerican Criminal Court)

CJS IR No Theme


THS communal child rearing

Communal child rearing is the system of raising children as a whole society. In this system, biological parents lose parental right to their children, and the communities give necessities of lives, education and money for independence etc. to all children equally. Also, parents and children live apart, and don’t keep special connection to each other.
Child/Reproduction No Theme


THBT social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) should sensor contents produced by extremist political parties

Media/SNS No Theme


Assuming the drugs which completely remove criminal mind from convicted criminals and change themselves into ones obedient to law & calm exist, THW inject the drugs into all convicts & release them instead of imprisonment and death penalty

CJS No Theme

China BP,2017,3

TH regrets the heavy prioritization of STEM subjects in Asian elementary schools

Education/Academia No Theme

China BP,2017,4

THW grant medical staff the right to object to providing specific treatments on religious and ethical grounds

Morality Religion No Theme

NAUDC,2017,Rookie SF

THR the modern high prioritization of sexual compatibility in romantic relationships.

Love No Theme


THW allow foreign funding of local political NGOs.

Politics No Theme


THW ban private healthcare curation websites

Health No Theme

Japan BP,2018,2

In portraying the relationships of sexual minorities, THBT popular media should focus on conflicts within the relationship rather than societal discrimination

Minority No Theme


THW ban all communication tech companies (such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.) from encrypting their users data, including the content of their communications, in such a way that the company cannot retrieve that data even under a court order

Media/SNS Military/Security No Theme


TH, as the pope, would abolish the requirement for clerical celibacy

Religion No Theme


TH, as a parent, would teach their daughters to embrace the ideal of the “independent women”

The ideal of the ‘independent women’ refers to the ideal that a woman ought to be entirely self sufficient, and should not have to receive external validation to feel good about herself and to be able to achieve success. This ideal pushes the notion that being financially and environmentally independent is best for women.
Feminism/Gender No Theme


Assuming the development of AI medical robots that are proven to perform better than human doctors,THW conceal all incidents of medical accidents caused by AI

Health No Theme

Kyushu,2018,Pre QF

THBT it is never justified to assassinate state-sponsored scientists and researchers conducting research about weapons of mass destruction

Military/Security No Theme

Oxford IV,2018,5

THBT the South African government should incentivize the movement of people out of townships, rather than focus on policies that try to economically develop townships

Development No Theme

Oxford IV,2017,1

THW provide means-tested welfare in the form of basic goods and services (including vouchers), rather than cash payments

Labor/Welfare No Theme


THS the allocation of research funding in universities based purely on the utility factor of the research

“Utility factor” refers to the total, foreseeable impact on society produced by academic research. The utility factor is determined by the universities themselves.
Education/Academia No Theme

Oxford IV,2017,4

THBT investors should cease purchasing bonds issued by the Venezuelan government

Economics No Theme

Oxford IV,2017,5

THBT minority parents should shelter their children from the existence of racism for as long as possible

Minority No Theme

Oxford IV,2017,ESL GF

THW ban the creation of all artificial conscious beings

No Theme

Oxford IV,2017,Rookie GF

THW require all sold products to clearly display their price in Dead Children Currency

No Theme

Cambridge IV,2018,3

In areas of chronically low academic attainment, THBT the general approach of educational charities should be to focus resources on maximising the potential of exceptional students, over helping the lowest achieving

Education/Academia No Theme

Cambridge IV,2018,SF

THR 'Operation Car Wash'

Operation Car Wash' is a broad investigation conducted in Brazil that revealed extensive corruption. As a result of the operation, the left-leaning Workers' Party have lost power, and far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro has been elected president
No Theme

China BP,2017,2

THW grant amnesty to dictators who leave office voluntarily

Military/Security No Theme


THBT the United States should disengage from Syria

Military/Security No Theme


THW grant individuals and organisations open standing to challenge the constitutionality of laws enacted by their government

In most legal systems, in order to initiate legal proceedings, potential plaintiffs must demonstrate that they are directly involved in the issues of a case in a way that is distinct from general members of the public. This means that an ordinary citizen cannot challenge a law as unconstitutional if they cannot prove that it has, or is imminently likely to, directly affect them. A doctrine of open standing would allow anyone to initiate legal proceedings in court. Plaintiffs would still need to demonstrate a valid legal argument. For example, under the status quo, new healthcare legislation which may increase many people's premiums could not be challenged by a general member of the public. Under a doctrine of open standing it could be.
CJS No Theme


THW impose a narrow banking regulation

In the status quo, financial institutions use the money deposited by customers (e.g. in a bank account) to make loans and investments. Deposits could alternatively be used to buy government-back safe assets (e.g. treasury bonds), which tend to have the lowest risk of default of all assets. In this debate, an “equity account” would be an account where the financial institution can use deposits for loans and investments. The value of an equity account fluctuates based on the value of its underlying assets. A “narrow banking” regulation is the requirement that all financial institutions back up all deposits with an equivalent value of government-back safe assets, unless customers choose to deposit their money in an “equity account”.
Economics No Theme


THS job security legislation

For the purpose of this debate, “job security legislation” refers to laws intended to make businesses fire employees less often. Its goal is to disincentives the termination of existing employees, whether the business employs an alternative individual to replace them or not. Examples of this legislation include, but are not limited to, increased severance pay and detailed cause requirements for terminating employment. Protections against discriminatory termination or similar laws do not fall under this term.
Labor/Welfare No Theme


THW redefine the criterion for excessive force in the US to be any use of beyond what is reasonable given all the facts of the case, including the benefit of hindsight (e.g. whether the individual had a gun, not whether it was reasonable to believe he had a gun)

The current criterion in the US as to whether a police offices used excessive force is whether he acted reasonably given his perspective at the time and without the benefit of hindsight. Academic research has shown that when using this criterion, juries consistently conclude that officers harming or killing black individuals acted reasonably in almost all circumstances.
Military/Security No Theme


THB the world would be a better place if women from privileged backgrounds turned down any benefits arising from AA programs

Feminism/Gender No Theme

Tokyo Mini,2018,1

THBT minority groups should not repurpose terminologies that were formerly used to oppress them.

Minority No Theme

Tokyo Mini,2018,2

As a strategy for upcoming election campaign, THBT Democratic Party should predominantly push democratic socialism as its core agenda.

Politics No Theme

Tokyo Mini,2017,3

THR the existence of valuable natural resources (e.g. oil, diamonds) in developing countries with ethnically/religiously diverse populations

Religion No Theme


THBT the feminst movement should celebrate the decline of birth rate

Feminism/Gender No Theme


Of religions that promise reward for faithful practice, THW prefer religions that promise reward will come in the afterlife as opposed to those that promise material reward in this life.

Religion No Theme


THW abolish the statute of limitations for heinous crimes (e.g. murder, sexual assault, grievous bodily harm)

A statute of limitations sets out the maximum time that parties have to start legal proceedings after the date of an alleged offense.
CJS No Theme

BP Novice West,2019,2

TH celebrates the increasing number of children going to cram schools

Education/Academia No Theme


THBT governments should actively discourage consumerist lifestyles

Environment No Theme


This House supports the rapid global elimination of both tariff and non-tariff barriers to free trade.

Economics No Theme


TH supports the active use of "OK Boomer" by the younger generation

"OK Boomer" is a catchphrase that gained popularity among the younger generation to dismiss or mock attitudes stereotypically attributed to the older generation (in particular baby boomers). These include such as but not limited to perceived resistance to technological change, rise in living standards, college debts, climate change denial, marginalization of minorities or opposition to younger generations' ideals.
Narrative/Norm No Theme


TH Supports the creation of a Northeast Asian Union (i.e. a regional intergovernmental organization that promotes the integration at social, economic, and political levels)

IR No Theme


THBT all states should mandate that research on and use of CRISPR technology be exclusively carried out by institutions funded entirely by the state

CRISPR is currently the only existing technology that allows cheap, fast and targeted gene edition in living organisms. It potentially allows for heritable* changes, though so far very little research on such heritable changes in humans has occurred. * heritable changes are changes that can be passed on from parents to their children.
Health No Theme


TH regrets the decision to list democracy as a fundamental human right in the UN’s universal declaration of Human Rights

No Theme

Japan BP,2017,3

THW require social media companies to block contents/sources that are deemed to be fake news by the state

Media/SNS No Theme


THBT the international community should abandon attempts to denuclearize North Korea

Military/Security IR No Theme


THW ban presidential pardons.

CJS No Theme

Tokyo Mini,2018,3

TH opposes sympathizing and humanizing portrayals of Nazi soldiers

Military/Security No Theme

Tokyo Mini,2018,GF

THW abolish all requirements for adopting children related to the income, marital status, sexuality, race, etc. of the adopting parent(s)

Child/Reproduction No Theme

Tokyo Mini,2017,1

THBT schools should actively rank children based on their achievements and encourage competition

Education/Academia No Theme

Tokyo Mini,2017,2

THBT the accumulation of personal data by large social media corporations (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) does more harm than good to consumers

Media/SNS No Theme

ABP,2018,Pre QF

TH, as Imran Khan, Would attempt to significantly decrease the influence of the military over Pakistan’s politics

Imran Khan: the newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan
Politics No Theme


THBT the probability of success should be removed from the Just War Theory

Military/Security No Theme


TH regrets the Goldwater rule

The Goldwater rule is a law in the United States that states it is unethical for mental health professionals to give a professional opinion about public figures they have not examined in person and from whom they have not obtained consent. Thus, it opens them for libel if they give a public psychiatric competence analysis on non consenting public figures
Politics No Theme


THBT resources rich developing nations (e.g. Nigeria, Botswana) should distribute, as a dividend to citizens, income derived from natural resource extraction

Development No Theme

WUDC,2020,Pre Oct

TH prefers religions in which all individuals have roughly equal religious obligations and are encouraged to develop a personal connection with the divine, over religions in which religious obligation and access to the divine are concentrated in religious authority figures

Religion No Theme

Oxford IV,2019,2

This House, as North Macedonia, would seek closer ties with the Eurasian Economic Union

IR No Theme

Cambridge IV,2019,2

This House Believes that feminist movements in the developing world should integrate religious messages and institutions into their advocacy, rather than distancing themselves from them

Feminism/Gender No Theme


THBT the UN should offer Brazil a large amount of money in return for them permanently ceding sovereignty over the Amazon to international stewardship

No Theme


THBT a pursuit of long-term special economic zones is in the interest of the communist government of Vietnam

Special economic zones commonly offer investors greater investment incentives and fewer restrictions than available in the country hosting the zone. Individuals or companies holding the lease on the land are usually granted a high degree or autonomy that is ceded from the central government
Economics No Theme

ABP,2018,HS GF

THBT historically oppressed communities should heavily prioritize teaching values of individualism to their children

Child/Reproduction No Theme

BP Novice West,2018,SF

THW allow individual to pay the state to buy exemption from compulsory military services

Military/Security No Theme

BP Novice West,2018,GF

TH regrets the dominant narrative "the more choices you have, the happier you are"

Narrative/Norm No Theme

Cambridge IV,2017,EFL GF

THR the use of the term “moderate Muslim” by Muslims to identify themselves

Religion No Theme

Oxford IV,2017,QF

THR the creation and adoption of cryptocurrencies

Economics No Theme

Oxford IV,2017,SF

THBT Mohammed bin Salman’s policies are in the interests of the ruling House of Saud

No Theme

Oxford IV,2017,GF

Assuming it could be done peacefully, THW replace all existing governments with a single global democratic government

Politics No Theme


THBT electronic sports should be included in the Olympics.

Art/Sport/Culture No Theme


TH, as the feminist movement, would support robot brothels.

Feminism/Gender No Theme


THW criminalize the creation and spreading of science-based conspiracy theories (flat earth, global warming is a hoaz, vaccines cause autiusm, etc.)

No Theme


TH supports a norm of embracing anger in public discourse rather than one of aspiring to dispassionate objectivity

Narrative/Norm No Theme


THW ban advocacy for religious belief in public places

Religion No Theme


This house, as women's rights groups in India, would adopt violent female goddesses as prominent symbols

Feminism/Gender No Theme


THR the mass deregulation of the financial sector

Economics No Theme


THBT civil rights legal organizations (e.g. ACLU) should refuse to provide legal resources to white supremacists and other hate groups.

Minority No Theme

Japan BP,2019,1

THBT states should punish media corporations for directly or indirectly spreading misinformation (i.e. hosting factually incorrect information by users/advertisers)

Media/SNS CJS No Theme


THW impose a BBC-style impartiality requirement on all news platforms.

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is legally required to cover the news impartially. This means: 1. It cannot take sides on controversial issues. 2. The amount of coverage each viewpoint gets should roughly reflect the level of support that viewpoint has in society. 3. It is not required to be neutral on certain fundamental issues like the rule of law and the legitimacy of the democratic process.
Media/SNS No Theme


TH prefers a world where, starting today, all humans have identical intellectual abilities (equivalent to the current global average)

Narrative/Norm No Theme


Assuming the switch will never be discovered, THW tell the poor couple that their baby died and hand the surviving baby over to the wealthy couple.

You are a doctor in the emergency unit of a hospital. One night, two critical cases come to you: a wealthy couple's newborn baby and an extremely poor couple's newborn baby are both diagnosed with a rare disease, which requires high maintenance. Despite hours of frantic efforts on your part to keep them alive, tragedy strikes by dawn and the wealthy couple's baby dies.
Child/Reproduction Health No Theme


THBT post-genocidal regimes should destroy all places of extermination (for example, death camps)

Minority No Theme


TH prefers a world where adult children take in their elderly parents rather than supporting them to live separately

Child/Reproduction No Theme


THBT HK government should pose strict restriction on non-holders of HK passport’s (Sandeep Kamal Chulani) right to purchase properties

No Theme


This house believes that countries whose main language is not English, should adopt English as the main language of politics, academia, and commerce

Politics Education/Academia No Theme


This House would abolish the Olympic Games

Art/Sport/Culture No Theme

BP Novice East,2018,2

This house regrets the China-Vatican deal on the appointment of Chinese bishops

Before this agreement below. Chinese Catholics were split between a faction that registered with the State-controlled Catholic Patriotic Association (CPA), and an underground Catholic community that swore loyalty only to the Pope. The CPA had appointed Chinese bishops in the past, who were excommunicated by the Vatican church. The new deal makes the Vatican recognize China's system of nominating its own bishops, but gives the Pope veto powers over new nominations.
IR No Theme

BP Novice East,2018,4

THBT feminist movement should seek a ban on contents that sexually objectify women (including but not limited to some pornography and animated characters on magazines)

Feminism/Gender No Theme

BP Novice West,2018,1

THW ban religious party in politics

Politics Religion No Theme

BP Novice West,2018,2

In times of crisis, THBT the state should withhold information that may damage social order

Military/Security No Theme

BP Novice West,2018,3

TH regrets the idealization of motherhood

Narrative/Norm No Theme

BP Novice West,2018,4

As a teacher from an underprivileged racial/ethnic minority, THW intentionally inflate the grades of students from similarly disadvantaged groups

Minority Education/Academia No Theme

BP Novice West,2018,QF

In newly democratized post-conflict society, THW subject people who commit severe corruption to the death penalty

CJS Military/Security No Theme

BP Novice West,2017,1

THW legalize duels to the death under government supervision

Health No Theme

BP Novice West,2017,SF

THW require university graduates to move to economically deprived areas for a substantial period of time after graduation

Education/Academia No Theme

BP Novice West,2017,GF

TH opooses careerism

Narrative/Norm No Theme

BP Novice Kanto,2017,2

THBT the media should anonymize the identity of convicted criminals (incl, but not limited to their age, face, and race/nationality)

Media/SNS No Theme

BP Novice Kanto,2017,4

THR the western feminist narrative that regards victims revealing their marks of domestic violence as a form of female empowemrment

Feminism/Gender No Theme


THBT Greece should introduce significant financial incentives for companies and individuals currently based in Athens to relocate to other Greek cities

Over a third of the Greek population lives in Athens
Economics No Theme


THBT it is in the interest of dominant organised religions for their leaders to declare more progressive interpretations of traditional dogma

e.g. on dietary and pilgrimage requirements, the acceptability of contraception, same-sex relationships
Religion No Theme


THBT consumers should predominantly aim to buy locally produced goods and services

Economics No Theme


THBT it is a legitimate lifestyle for individuals to be a 宅男(Zhai Nan)

A 宅男(Zhai Nan) is an individual heavily involved in internet culture and online social spaces. As a result, he/she is almost entirely disconnected from real life.
Art/Sport/Culture No Theme


THW all movies and TV shows to introduce racial-blind casting for all characters

Racial-blind casting is the selection of actor regardless of the characters intial racial indentity, which may result in characters such as: African American Hermione Granger in Harry Potter Caucasian Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost In The Shell.
Media/SNS No Theme


THBT ‘armies of opinion shapers’ should never be a legitimate political tool for states

‘Armies of opinion shapers’ are used by some governments to spread government views, drive particular agendas, and counter government critics on social media. These individuals are paid to distort the digital information landscape in the government’s favor, without acknowledging sponsorship.
Media/SNS No Theme


TH opposes National Coming Out Day

Minority No Theme

Autumn Tournament,2019,2

TH opposes the narrative that having a child is intinsically fulfilling experience

Narrative/Norm No Theme

Cambridge IV,2017,GF

THBT it is always immoral to fight for one’s country

Morality No Theme

China BP,2018,1

TH regrets narratives that glorify the elderly (e.g. “The old know better”; “The old deserve more” etc.)

Narrative/Norm No Theme

China BP,2018,2

THBT Supreme Courts should refrain from making decisions on controversial social issues (e.g. gay rights, abortion)

CJS No Theme


THBT the state should redistribute all donations to charities according to an evidence-based assessment of their utility

No Theme


THBTcommunities that have been victims of atorocities should emphasis the narrative of the ‘banality of evil’ when interpreting those atorocities

The concept of ‘banality of evil’ claims that great act of evil can be committed by ordinary indivisuals within a bureacracy. Under this theory, most perpetrators of great evil are ordinary people, with no motive for their actions other than promoting thier own advancement in the system
Narrative/Norm No Theme


THBT the Greek government should have rejected the 2015 bailout deal and sought to negotiate further concessions, even at the risk of not receiving a bailout

Economics No Theme


THBT State Health Services should allow private companies to run hospitals for profit

Health No Theme


THBT the State should fund the creation of, and access to, realistic androids that simulate romantic relationships

Love No Theme


As Papuan Activists, THW abandon the Papuan separatist agenda and focus on the fulfillment of social and economic rights of Papuans (e.g. countering racism against Papuan students, increasing the allocation of central resources to development in Papua)

No Theme


TH supports the politics of class warfare

Politics No Theme


THW allow local governments to issue immigration permits that grant access to Defined Permit Services* in the local area only

Defined Permit Services include access to the purchasing or renting of property, employment, and government services such as education, healthcare and welfare.
No Theme


THB that Western European states at high risk for terror attacks should implement 'state of emergency' laws

No Theme


TH as the Kremlin would commemorate the 1917 Russian Revolution as a tradegy rather than a triumph for the nation

No Theme


This house supports NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence

NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence refers to the forward deployment of NATO troops in Eastern Europe to protect and reassure NATO’s Eastern member states of their security. Following Russia’s annexation of Crimea and invasion of Ukraine, NATO agreed to forward deploy four multinational battalion battle groups to NATO members most at risk of a possible Russian attack ? specifically Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty enshrines the principle of collective defence, where an armed attack against one member state must be deemed to be an armed attack against all member states.
Military/Security No Theme

ABP,2017,Pre QF

This house, as a consumer living in the first world, would boycott ‘fast fashion’

‘Fast fashion’ retailers are clothing retailers who deliver current, up-to-trend clothing styles to mass consumers at a low price. Typically, they achieve this by deriving designs from new fashion shows, outsroucing production, and aggressive marketing. Example of ‘fast fashion’ retailers are Zara, H&M, and Topshop.
No Theme

Autumn Tournament,2018,3

THW abolish all regulations against service industry (such as sanitary condition of the hotel or additional car license for cabbing) except for those related to immediate impact to one's life

Labor/Welfare No Theme

Autumn Tournament,2017,1

THBT the world would be better off without the concept of gender identity

Feminism/Gender No Theme

Autumn Tournament,2017,GF

THW use the weapon

You are a commander and losing at war. In your possession is a weapon that ends the war in a victory. The cost of using this is the life of every soldier in the battlefied, including your own. You have no time to command them to evacuate.
Morality No Theme

BP Novice East,2018,3

THBT democracies should actively combat the rise of right wing populism (e.g. suppressing their speech acts, dismantling their political parties)

Politics No Theme

BP Novice West,2017,2

TH, as Japan, regrets quality supremacy

Quality supremacy: concept that the quality of products is the most significant one for business. And companies often seek for quality beyond the necessity
Economics Narrative/Norm No Theme

BP Novice West,2017,3

THW abolish tax execmptions for religious organizations which neglect LGBT rights

Religion No Theme

BP Novice West,2017,4

THBT states should not make contracts with private military contractors in combat roles

Military/Security No Theme

BP Novice Kanto,2017,3

THBT economic development organizations (e.g. IMF, WB) should not make aid conditional upon trade liberalization

Development No Theme

Cambridge IV,2017,3

THBT former human rights activists under dictatorial regimes should not seek elected office (e.g. MP) after the transition to democracy

Politics No Theme

Cambridge IV,2017,ESL SF

THBT criminal justice systems should never incorporate retribution as an aim in determining criminal punishments

CJS No Theme

Cambridge IV,2017,QF

THW force all companies worth over $1 billion to list publicly

Economics No Theme

China BP,2018,7

THBT the deaf rights movement should disproportionately emphasize the positive experiences associated with being deaf

Minority No Theme

China BP,2018,HS SF

TH prefers a world with a dominant norm of not expressing strong emotions

Narrative/Norm No Theme

China BP,2017,5

TH regrets the liberal media’s demonization of white supremacists

Media/SNS No Theme

Japan BP,2017,OF

THW prohibit media from broadcasting private life of politicians

Media/SNS No Theme

Japan BP,2017,QF

THBT the purpose of military intervention should be purely about preventing collateral damage instead of defeating the oppressive regimes

Military/Security IR No Theme

Japan BP,2017,SF

THBT states should periodically review and either re-authorize or revise their constitutions

Politics No Theme

Japan BP,2017,GF

THBT children from minority groups should be taught the reality of oppression and how to maneuver around it

Minority No Theme


THW force companies to reflect the racial diversity of national population on employee composition

Labor/Welfare No Theme


THW require individuals to pass a political general knowledge test in order to gain the right to vote

Politics No Theme


THBT schools should teach children to be skeptical of parental authority

Education/Academia No Theme


In circumstances where a unanimous decision is currently required, THP majority voting as the European Council’s decision-making approach

In matters of high sensitivity and complexity, the European Council requires unanimous decision-making. These matters include, but are not limited to foreign policy decisions, granting new rights to EU citizens and suspending the rights of current member states.
IR No Theme


THW make police commanders personally criminally liable for instances of police brutality committed by their subordinates

CJS No Theme


THW legalize advanced directives requesting non-voluntary euthanasia for oneself

“An advanced directive is a legal document signed by an individual that determines the treatment or care they wish to receive or not receive if they become unable to undertake medical decisions ? due to conditions SUCH AS: ? very severe dementia; ? vegetative state etc. Advanced directives are irreversible ? they remain binding. NON-voluntary euthanasia is NOT INvoluntary euthanasia. It merely means that no EXPLICIT CONSENT is granted at the time.”
Health No Theme


THBT the IMF should require direct control over a country’s monetary policy as a condition of national bailouts

Economics No Theme


THR the shift in the #MeToo movement from victims sharing their experiences to holding public figures to account

Feminism/Gender No Theme


This house believes that the US should ban extremist groups (e.g. the KKK and neo-Nazi groups)

No Theme


This house believes that the WTO should allow developing countries to impose policies aimed at protecting domestic industries, even at the expense of harming international trade

Development No Theme


THBT feminists in developing countries should encourage women not to have children

Feminism/Gender No Theme


THW criminalise blasphemy in Western Liberal Democracies

Blasphemy is the act of offending or showing contempt towards a religious deity or a sacred object/person
CJS No Theme


THW abolish all grading in primary, secondary, and tertiary education

Education/Academia No Theme


TH prefers polyamourous relationships over monogamy

Love No Theme


THW only allow women to make new purchases of real estate and land

Feminism/Gender No Theme


THBT the US and the EU, should stop all military, political and financial support to both Israel and the Palestinians until they reach a peace agreement

Military/Security No Theme


THW not restrict sexual expression in public (e.g. public nudity, displayal of pornographic images)

No Theme


In the lead up to the 1994 negotiated settlement in South Africa, THBT the ANC should have demanded further concessions (e.g. removing the amnesty provision in the TRC, greater land and economic rights) even at the expense of prolonging the conflict

No Theme

WUDC,2018,Pre Oct

THBT ASEAN should negotiate all investment deals with Chinese government entities as a bloc (with decisions made by majority vote of its members), so that no member state can enter into investment deals without the rest of the world

The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) is a regional intergovernmental organisation comprising of Southeast Asian states which promotes Pan-Asianism and greater economic integration within the ASEAN common market. There are 10 ASEAN member states, namely, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia, Loas, & Vietnam.
IR No Theme


THS the court’s decision to acquit Tehlirian

Soghomon Tehlirian was an Armenian whose family was killed during the Turkish genocide against Armenians. In Berlin in 1921, Tehlirian assassinated Tallat Pascha, widely considered the main orchestrator of the Armenian genocide. Despite conclusive evidence of his guilt, a Berlin court decided to acquit Tehlirian and free him.
No Theme


TH, as a parent of a child of ASPD, would enable and support that child given that child’s aims based on their current psychological makeup, instead of trying to make them more empathetic

Individuals with Anti-Social Personality Disorder (ASPD), formerly known as sociopathy, have a highly reduced ability to feel empathy. People with ASPD do potentially have the ability to feel empathy, and, as with other emotions, their capacity to feel empathy can be increased based on exposure to certain experiences and relationships, yet is unlikely to reach what is considered a “normal” level.
Child/Reproduction No Theme


THW allow members of the armed forces to form labour unions

Labor/Welfare Military/Security No Theme


THBT sports leagues should significantly tax and redistribute from wealthier teams to poorer teams

Art/Sport/Culture No Theme


In areas with rapidly rising property prices, THW suspend all restrictions on property development that are not health and safety requirements (for example, environmental zoning regulations, building height restrictions, and regulations on the appearance of buildings)

Environment No Theme


THBT S Korea should produce nuclear weapons

Military/Security No Theme


THR the glamorization of start-up culture that encourages people to start own companies rather than puruse traditional career paths

Economics No Theme

Japan BP,2018,3

TH prefers a world where death is viewed positively

Narrative/Norm No Theme

Japan BP,2018,Rookie SF

THBT developed nations should promote the privatization of health care industry

Health No Theme

Japan BP,2018,QF

THBT the billionaire donors who fund morally questionable politicians are more reprehensible than the politicians themselves

Morality No Theme

Japan BP,2018,SF

TH opposes the free movement of persons in Africa

No Theme


THW institute quota for female leaders in academic institutions/organizations

Feminism/Gender No Theme

Kyushu,2018,Rookie SF

THS the complete freedom of movement for refugees

No Theme

Kyushu,2018,Rookie GF

THBT educational institutions in developed countries should mandate a year-long work/study-abroad program in a developing country for their students

Education/Academia No Theme


THBT developing countries with ethnically diverse populations should prohibit vernacular schools

Vernacular school provides education in language which are ingrained in the particular communities and not in the country's primary language
Education/Academia Development No Theme


THBT media should not broadcast private life of politicians

Politics Media/SNS No Theme


THW hold head of religious organizations legally liable when their believers, for religious reasons, deny giving medial treatment to their children under life-threatening condition

Health Religion No Theme


THR the glamorization of start-up culture that encourages people to start their own companies rather than pursue traditional career paths

Labor/Welfare Narrative/Norm No Theme


TH prefers a cynical and pessimistic perception of democratic politics to an idealistic and optimistic one

Politics No Theme


TH prefers a world without the Neuralink

A highly-valued startup has invented Neuralink technology, which allows people's consciousnesses to be irreversibly uploaded into a powerful supercomputer and maintained indefinitely
Narrative/Norm No Theme


THR the imposition of the concept of universal human rights.

No Theme

NEAO,2018,Pre QF

THW universally abolish CRBI (citizenship and residence by investment) schemes.

"Citizenship by Investment" (CBI) and "Residence by Investment" (RBI) schemes are offered by substantial number of countries, such as Canada, Malaysia, UAE. The schemes allow foreigners to obtain citizenship and temporary/permanent residence rights on the basis of local investments or a flat fee.
Economics No Theme

Autumn Tournament,2018,Rookie GF

THBT student loans should mandate repayment only to those who are capable of paying it back (incl. not limited to: have a stable job or be a child of wealthy parents)

Education/Academia No Theme

Autumn Tournament,2018,QF

TH, as White group in South Africa, Would declare the formation of violent rebellion against the government in case they amend the constitution

African National Congress, the ruling party of South Africa, is leaning towards constitutional amendment by which seizure of land without compensation can be constitutionally legitimate. Major target of seizure will be White farmers.
Minority No Theme

Autumn Tournament,2018,SF

THBT Feminism movement should not celebrate Mohammed bin Salman

Feminism/Gender No Theme

Cambridge IV,2017,4

TH prefers a world in which all religions believe in Universal Salvation

Religion No Theme


THR the decline of labour union power in the West

Labor/Welfare No Theme


THW disallow the practice of naturalizing foreign athletes to serve on national sports teams

Naturalization is the legal act or process by which a person from one country changes nationality to another country by acquiring citizenship. Some countries have the practice of naturalizing talented foreign athletes to make them eligible members of their national teams in major international events.
Art/Sport/Culture No Theme

Kyushu,2017,Rookie SF

THW make all salaries and employment terms publicly accessible

Labor/Welfare No Theme

Kyushu,2017,Rookie GF

THBT schools should prioritize character development over accademic performance

Education/Academia No Theme


THBT it is immoral to give birth to a new life

Child/Reproduction No Theme


THR the decline of postmodernist art

Postmodernism ? The premise of the ideology is that there is no definite terms, boundaries or absolute truth in existence
Art/Sport/Culture No Theme


TH oppose science as a predominant rationale in understanding the world

Narrative/Norm No Theme


THW ban abortion at all stages of pregnancy

Child/Reproduction No Theme


THBT the feminist movements should support ads and campaigns that fature servicewomen with emphasis on their sexual appearance.

Feminism/Gender No Theme


THBT rules and scheduling of professional sports should be made in the interest of fairness and the welfare of competitors regardless of commercial incentives or the interest of audiences

Art/Sport/Culture No Theme


THBT the Islael Philharmonic Orchestra should regularly play the works of Richard Wagner

Art/Sport/Culture No Theme

Ryoso,2018,Rookie GF

THBT celebrities should not publish their political position

Politics No Theme


TH oppose dominance of the value that telling a lie is vice

Narrative/Norm No Theme


THBT sates should not prosecute menbers of terrorist organizations who leave those organizations and coorperate with the state.

Military/Security No Theme


THW anonymize the funding, display, and sale of art

Art/Sport/Culture No Theme


As a billionaire who opposes the development of strong artificial intelligence, THW fund violent and destructive action against companies that aim to creat strong AI

Strong artificial intelligence refers to machines that have the ability to think at least as well as humans and could act independent of human instruction
No Theme


THW replace existing welfare systems with a universal basic income.

Labor/Welfare No Theme


TH regrets the reign of Qin Shi Huang

Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor of a unified china. He unified the country from a collection of warring states
Art/Sport/Culture No Theme


THW require all citizens to perform two years of national civic services(ex. in healthcare, education, helping the elderly, etc.)

No Theme


THBT social media should manipulate user experience to promote social harmony

Media/SNS No Theme


THBT States should allow private companies to bid for the right to govern part of their territory

right to govern: the making and enforcement of rules
No Theme


THBT NATO should end all political, economic, and military support for the Russian Commonwealth

Military/Security No Theme


THBT US government employees should leak embarassing information about the Trump Administration to the press e.g. Trump’s tax returns, details of internal political disputes, embarassing personal details, etc

Politics No Theme


In times of financial recession, THBT democratic states should hold general elections

Politics No Theme


THBT it is in the interest of Kashmiri people for Pakistan and China to increase their support for Kashmiri separatist movements / groups

IR No Theme


TH supports a glorification of honjok* culture

*One in which individuals regularly undertake traditionally communal activities alone (e.g. eating, drinking, traveling, etc.). The term is associated with South Korea, however it is on the rise in various countries
Art/Sport/Culture No Theme


THBT military doctors that have conducted, or supervised on, methods aimed to extort information from prisoners should be barred by medical associations from practicing medicine in the civil sphere

Health No Theme


THW allow schools with a majority of pupils from oppressed groups to reject children who do not belong to their group from attending the school

Education/Academia No Theme

BP Novice Kanto,2017,Pre QF

THBT countries with booming populations should allocate every adult a single tradable permit to have a child

Child/Reproduction No Theme

BP Novice Kanto,2017,QF

THW ban private ownerships of land

Economics No Theme

BP Novice Kanto,2017,SF

THW legalize unconditional euthanasia

Health No Theme

BP Novice Kanto,2017,GF

TH prefers technocracy to democracy as a system for governance

Politics No Theme

Tokyo Mini,2017,GF

THW not restrict sexual expressions in public (e.g. public nudity, displayal of pornographic images)

No Theme

Japan BP,2019,SF

TH, as the minority resistance group, would accept the offer

You are a resistance group in an autocratic state. The state has promised amnesty to all those in the group as long as it gives up the struggle. Your group is greatly outnumbered
Minority Military/Security No Theme


THBT religious leaders should not endorse candidates for polotical office

Religion Politics No Theme


As university-oriented English parliamentary debate community oj Japan, TH prefers mandating all debaters to serve as an organaizing committee member over a voluntary system with significant financial compensation(haigher reward for organaizing committee)

Education/Academia Art/Sport/Culture No Theme

Japan BP,2019,3

As a prominent religious leader of a major religion, THW actively promote the narrative that atheists and irreligious people can still be accepted into heaven.

Religion No Theme


THBT liberal democracies should constitutionally enshrine the right of regions to unilaterally secede

Politics No Theme

KK-cup,2019,Pre SF

THW allow privatization of prison

Prvate prisons refer to prisons operated by a private company under contract with the state or federal government. This system is common in states which have large number of prisoners. Private prison is often controvercial in terms of way of operation, such as cost cut and how prisoners are treated etc…
CJS No Theme


TH prefers a world in which all arts were anonymous over a world where they were always attributed to the artist

No Theme


TH supports athletes making political expressions at international sporting events

Art/Sport/Culture No Theme


THBT post conflict states should suppress discourse surrounding the period of conflict in order to promote peace

Military/Security No Theme


THW prohibit parents from indoctirinating religious belief to children

Religion No Theme


THBT LGBTQ+ activists in non-Western countries should use and advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and individuals using their local historical terms instead of Western terminology

Non-Western countries have rich histories and communities of non-binary/LGBTQ+ individuals, including mahjie(Singapore), Jathil(Indonesia), calabai(Bugis), cult of Tu’er Shen(China), Hijra(India), among others
Minority No Theme


THW hold bystanders of all sexual harassment liable for their failure to help

CJS No Theme


In a relatively equal society where the "protected sphere model" is the norm, This House, as a parent, would raise their children according to the "deferred happiness model"

Under the "deferred happiness model" of parenting, there is strong emphasis on setting children up for a successful adulthood, including through a focus on academic or extracurricular achievement, structure, and discipline. Under the "protected sphere model" of parenting, there is strong emphasis on "letting children be children", including through a focus on playtime and personal enjoyment.
Child/Reproduction No Theme


TH prefers a "Brave New World" to the status quo in Western Liberal Democracies

A “Brave New World” has these characteristics: 1. People are genetically engineered and socially conditioned by the state for specific societal roles. 2. People's material and physical needs are unfailingly met. 3. There is no possibility of changing the social order.
Narrative/Norm No Theme


THW abolish the private ownership of (housing) property in major metropolitan areas

Economics No Theme


THBT the United States government should cede the authority to prosecute criminal trials involving African Americans (as either victims or alleged perpetrators) to African American interest groups, and allocate funding for this

CJS Minority No Theme

Oxford IV,2019,1

This House Would ban political advertising on social media

Politics Media/SNS No Theme


THBT the stigmatization of outsourcing eldercare* in Asian societies

sending your parents to assisted care facilities retirement communities
Narrative/Norm No Theme


In liberal democracies where Catholicism is a prominent religion, THBT government should mandate the Catholic Church to denounce and remove verses that communities use to justify discrimination and violence

Religion No Theme

Oxford IV,2019,3

This House Believes That feminists should adopt the view that feminist identity is based upon self-identification (e.g., "anyone can be a feminist"), as opposed to based on satisfying group-determined criteria (e.g. "feminists must fulfill x, y z criteria")

Feminism/Gender No Theme

Oxford IV,2019,4

This House Believes that the widespread adoption of Libra brings more harm than good

Economics No Theme

Oxford IV,2019,5

This House Prefers protests with clearly identifiable leaders and defined goals to leaderless movements with disparate goals

Politics No Theme

Cambridge IV,2019,1

This House Would expel states which fail to spend a minimum of 2% of GDP on defence from NATO

Military/Security IR No Theme

Cambridge IV,2019,3

This House Believes That the West should massively discourage and disincentivise economic collaboration and exchange with China

IR Economics No Theme

Cambridge IV,2019,4

This House Would raise their child to prefer to be single

Child/Reproduction No Theme


THBT women’s rights advocates should associate themselves with specific policy positions rather than identifying with the broader feminist label

Feminism/Gender No Theme


THBT governments around the world should commit to drastically reducing birth rates until the total world population is sustained at 3 billion

Child/Reproduction No Theme


THBT Taiwan should not glorify Chiang Kai-Shek

Chiang Kai-Shek is the founder of Taiwan and was the leader that ruled China before fleeing to the Island of Taiwan as a result of losing the Chinese civil war. He founded Taiwan as an autocracy and ruled it until his death
Art/Sport/Culture No Theme


TH supports the decline of American influence in East Asia

East Asia includes both Northeast and Southeast Asia
IR No Theme


TH prefers a would in which social media sites would have been founded on a subscription based revenue model rather than an ad based model*

*i.e. one in which most of the revenue comes from paying customers and not ads
Media/SNS No Theme


This house would, as the feminist movement, advocate for the research, development and usage of artificial wombs

An artificial womb (or artificial uterus) is a device that would allow for extracorporeal pregnancy or extrauterine foetal incubation by growing an embryo or foetus outside the body of an organism that would normally internally carry the embryo or foetus to term. Currently, the technology has been proven successful in growing baby sheep.
Feminism/Gender No Theme


TH prefers a world where parents are honest with their children about their (i.e. parents’) imperfections and insecurities

Education/Academia No Theme


THW wholly nationalize the arms industry

Military/Security No Theme


THBT the state should promote stoicism

Stoicism is a school of thought which teaches that (1) people should not allow themselves to be controlled by the desire for pleasure or the fear of pain; and (2) people should not have strong emotional reactions to events around them, whether good or bad.
Morality No Theme


Assuming the evidence would never be found out otherwise, THBT the scientist should disclose this evidence to the world

A scientist has found irrefutable evidence that God exists. This God does not belong to any religion or belief system that exists on Earth. This God acts randomly without any regard for human suffering.
No Theme


This house, as India, would not apply the AFSPA to Kashmir

The Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) is an Act of the Indian Parliament that grants the military wide powers of arrest, the right to shoot to kill, and to occupy or destroy property when carrying out counter-insurgency operations in ‘disturbed areas’. The AFSPA was applied to Kashmir in 1990 and has been in force since.
IR No Theme

Autumn Tournament,2019,1

TH regrets the rise of surveillance capitalism as a business model

Surveillance capitalism is the mone tization of data captured through monitoring people's movements and behavior online and in the physical world. Consumer surveillance is most commonly used for targeted marketing and advertising Marketers combine demographic information with data about people's online activities: their search activity, websites visited, posts and conversations in social media, and so on, to focus marketing efforts where there are most likely to meet with success. In a more direct monetization, many companies also sell customer data gathered through various surveillance channels to partners and other third parties
Media/SNS No Theme

Autumn Tournament,2019,3

Given a way to accurately measure an individual's empathy, THW only allow individuals with high levels of empathy for people beyond their immediate circles, to vote in election

Politics No Theme

Autumn Tournament,2018,1

THR the societal emphasis of charity/volunteering as a virtue

Narrative/Norm No Theme

Autumn Tournament,2018,2

THS active racebending which is favourable towards socially underprivileged races (i.e., African American, Asian)

Racebending is an act that changes character's perceived race or ethnicity during the adoption of a work from one medium to another. (i.e., Black James Bond, White female Ancient One in Doctor Strange.)
Minority No Theme

Autumn Tournament,2018,4

THBT the environmental movement should abandon the narrative of personal responsibility in favor of one which emphasizes institutional accountability

Environment No Theme

Oxford IV,2018,ESL SF

THBT the US should cut all political, economic and military ties with Saudi Arabia

Military/Security No Theme

Oxford IV,2018,ESL GF

THBT social movements should reject the glorification of political violence

No Theme

Oxford IV,2018,Rookie GF

THBT post-conflict states should actively promote a unifying national narrative in the history curriculum

No Theme

Oxford IV,2018,QF

THW allow city and local governments to be held civilly responsible for deaths that can be ascribed to homelessness

No Theme

Cambridge IV,2018,4

THS the rise of computational creativity

Computational Creativity' is a scientific field researching AI models that simulate or replicate human creativity. Projects in the field include but are not limited to using AI to script films, compose music, write poetry, and paint
Art/Sport/Culture No Theme

Cambridge IV,2018,5

THW give legislative veto power to a Future Generations Commission

For the purposes of this debate, a 'Future Generations Commission' is an independent body mandated with mapping the long-term impacts of governmental policy on the young, or unborn generations
Politics No Theme

Cambridge IV,2018,ESL SF

Where resources are significantly limited, THBT states should actively promote religion in areas of high poverty

Religion No Theme

Cambridge IV,2017,SF

In cases where a supreme court would currently rule on the compliance of a given law with a constitutional provision, THW hold a public referendum on whether to abandon that constitutional provision

CJS No Theme

Cambridge IV,2018,EFL GF

TH prefers a world in which all children are conceived with DNA from a global genetic database

No Theme

Cambridge IV,2018,Rookie GF

THBT it is immoral for individuals who have met their basic needs to not donate any excess wealth to utility maximising causes

Morality No Theme

Cambridge IV,2018,QF

Actually, THW rather see one innocent man go to jail than see 100 guilty men walk free

Morality No Theme

Cambridge IV,2017,1

THW give companies tax breaks on all revenues paid as renumeration (salaries and bonus) to all female employees

Feminism/Gender No Theme

Cambridge IV,2017,2

THR the substitution of digital entertainment (e.g. TV, movies, video games) for written materials (e.g. novels, Kindle, comic books) in the lives of children

Child/Reproduction No Theme

China BP,2018,3

During economic crises, THBT states should prioritise fiscal stability (i.e. balancing budget) over increasing public spending

Economics No Theme

China BP,2018,4

THBT international criminal tribunals should introduce the death penalty for individuals convicted of crimes against humanity

CJS No Theme


THR the rise of “Sharing Culture”

“Sharing Culture” (a culture which encourages the frequent posting of both mundane and intimate details of ones life on social media platforms, and the commenting on and reacting to others posts of this nature)
Art/Sport/Culture No Theme


This house believes that states should significantly fund female-only tech companies

Feminism/Gender No Theme


This house, as Israel, supports the Jewish People’s Intelligence Services Doctrine

The Jewish People’s Intelligence Services should have a significant responsiblity not only to Israeli citizens’ security, ut also to the security of Jewish communities abroad. If this doctrine were adopted, Israel would use significant resources and launch potentially violent operations in order to keep Jewish people safe internationally.
No Theme


THS universities treating students as customers (e.g. by allocating significant resources to improving students lifestyles, and granting students influence over university decisions and the content and delivery of course curricula)

Education/Academia No Theme


This house believes that Western institutions should neither cooperate with, nor use the data produced by, non-Western medical institutions that do not meet Western standards on human clinical trials

Health No Theme


This house believes that having children is immoral

Morality No Theme


TH, in hindsight, supports the 2016 election of Donald Trump

Politics No Theme


THR the emotion of regret (i.e TH prefers a world in which people cannot feel the emotion of regret)

No Theme


In universities where affirmative action for women exists, this house would institute affirmative action for men in departments where they are underrepresented

Education/Academia No Theme


This house celebrates the rise of non-traditional political movements (eg Trumpism, En Marche, Alternative for Germany, etc)

Politics No Theme


This house would allow direct to consumer advertising for prescription drugs and treatments

Direct-to-consume advertising refers to the marketing of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and consumer diagnostics to consumers. In the status quo, pharmaceutical companies are only allowed to advertise their products and treatments to medical professionals.
Health No Theme

Japan BP,2017,4

THW allow small business owners to refuse to provide services to LGBTQ customers on the basis of religion

Minority Religion No Theme

Japan BP,2017,Rookie GF

THW legalize child labour in developing countries

Child/Reproduction No Theme


THW implement blind voting for general elections

For the purposes of this debate, “blind voting” refers to a system where voters cast their votes for various policies, and a candidate is matched to them based on their preference
Politics No Theme


THW ban sales and use of study drugs (e.g, Adderall, Modafinil) except for madical purposes

Study drugs refer to drugs used to increase one’s concentration, thinking ability and stamina, for the pourpose of studying. Popular examples of study drugs include Adderall, Modafinil which are now commonly used by rich students in western countries. However, original pourposes of these drugs were to treat medical issues(e.g, treatment for ADHD)
Health No Theme


THBT states with aging populations should accept more immigrants instead of providing incentives for their citizens to have more children

No Theme


THBT states should pay a wage to housewives and househusbands

Labor/Welfare No Theme


Assuming feasibility, THW allow selling and buying one’s lifetime years

Health No Theme


THW ban media from publishing the ethnicity of crime suspects and convicted criminals in their reporting

Media/SNS No Theme


THBT feminist movement should actively promote female participation in military

Feminism/Gender No Theme


THW abolish the institution of marriage

No Theme


THW prohibit governments and corporations from destroying/desecrating indigenous holy sites, for economic purposes

No Theme


THW prohibit the use of predictive algorithms in criminal trials

Predictive analytics is the precess of using data analytics to make predictions based on big data (e.g. age, race, religion, gender). Judges can employ algorithms to predict the likelihood an offender will commit further crimes, their flight risk, and a handful of other factors. These outputs are then used to determine sentencing, bail, or whether to grant (or deny) parole
CJS No Theme


THW hold heads of corporations criminally liable for significant environmental damages caused by their corporations

Environment No Theme


THBT developed countries should pay developing countries to protect ecologically important land and/or waters from economic exploitation(e.g. deforestation, mining, fishing)

Development No Theme

Cambridge IV,2017,5

THR the rise of Xi Jinping

IR No Theme


As the officer, THW resign

You are a respected, high-ranking, heterosexual officer in the military. In the past, you have publicly advocated for LGBT rights within the army and have worked hard to improve how they are treated. A newly elected conservative government has enacted a ban on LGBT’s serving in the army.
Minority No Theme


THBT the First Lady should actively enact major policies on behalf of the President

You are the First Lady of the United States. You are more competent than the President or the Vice President in enacting policies & convincing the legislators & the electorate
Politics No Theme


Assuming that human beings with superpowers have come into existence, THBT those with superpowers should be governed by an international community on its use of their powers

No Theme

Oxford IV,2018,4

THR the depiction of the everyday life of people with disabilities as inspirational

Minority No Theme


THBT the EU should decriminalize human smuggling*

Human smuggling is the aiding of a willing person to illegally cross a border. It is distinct from human trafficking, in which the person does not consent
CJS No Theme


THBT people of the present generation do not have any duties with regards to unborn people of future generations

Morality No Theme


Assuming that there is a drug that can induce a life-long coma in which one experiences the state of absolute happiness without requiring any further care until physical death from old age, THW immediately administer it to all humans

Health No Theme


THW allow citizens to vote on individual bills in place of their representative, with the representative retaining the voting power of those of their constituents who did not directly vote on that specific bill

Politics No Theme


THBT countries should tax their citizens for the income they generate while working and living abroad

Economics No Theme


THBT the United Kingdom should not have handed control of Hong Kong back to China

IR No Theme


THW replace the teaching of established classics (e.g. Shakespeare) with popular contemporary literature (e.g. Harry Potter)

Education/Academia No Theme

Japan BP,2018,1

THW pursue replacing human educators with AIs

Education/Academia No Theme


THR the dominance of networking culture in the workplace

Networking is the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts. Examples of networking events are buffet-style dinner party and workshops with group discussions
Labor/Welfare No Theme

Kyushu,2019,Rookie GF

THR the narrative that university education is the primary path to success

Narrative/Norm No Theme


THBT we should prioritize policies that seek to help people currently alive, over those that seek tomprotect the future

Politics No Theme


THW permit employers to fire employees who publicly demonstrate politically extremist ideologies

Labor/Welfare No Theme


THS the establishment of citizen-initiated recall election procedures to remove elected officials

Politics No Theme


THBT an approach of Political Expansionism on the part of the Chinese state is in the interests of the Chinese people

No Theme


THBT the present condition of humanity is preferable to its condition in 100 years time

No Theme


THW rather save the list of a single child, over extending the life of 5 adults by 10 years

With a spare $1,000, one can provide (on average) a single child, who would otherwise have died in infancy, with a full and healthy life ? for example, by donating to the distribution of insecticide-treated anti-malaria bed nets. Alternatively, one can (on average) increase the life expectancy of about 5 adults by 10 years ? for example, by donating to the therapy for deadly acquired diseases in the developing world
Child/Reproduction No Theme


THW temporarily and significantly relax minimum labour standards in times of unusually high unemployment, including workplace health and safety standards, minumum wage, working hour restrictions etc

Labor/Welfare No Theme

WUDC,2017,Pre Oct

THBT countries close to conflict zones should only grant long-term asylum to refugees who agree to one year of military service

Military/Security No Theme


TH prefers a world where children are raised under communcal child reading over family based rearing.

Education/Academia No Theme


THR the popularization of feminism.

Feminism/Gender No Theme


This House, as the US Democratic Party, would call for a halt in the negotiations with Nroth Korea.

IR No Theme


THR the South Korean Supreme Court decision to find conscientious ebjection to military conscription not guilty.

Conscientious objectior to miltiary refers to an individual who has claimed the right to reduse to perform military service on the gorunds of freedom of thought, conscience or religion. On October 26th, 2018 the South Korean Supreme Court found a conscientious objection to mandatory military service case not guilty for the first time.
Military/Security No Theme

BP Novice East,2019,2

TH, as ASEAN member states, would pursue closer relationship with China as opposed to the US

IR Economics No Theme

BP Novice East,2019,3

THBT oppressed minorities should emphasize individualism over collectivism to their children

INDIVIDUALISM and COLLECTIVISM describe the attitude of individuals to their communities. In individualism, people prefer to act as individuals rather than members of groups. Collectivism focuses on cohesiveness and group goals, sometimes at the expense of individual interest
Minority Child/Reproduction No Theme

BP Novice East,2019,4

THBT sexual fidelity should not be a criterion to measure the strength of love

SEXUAL FIDELITY refers to the attitude or behaviour of someone who is willing to have sex only with their husband, wife, or partner
Love No Theme

BP Novice West,2019,3

THBT multinational corporations operating in developing nations should be compelled to follow the strict environmental standards of western liberal democracies

Environment Development No Theme

BP Novice West,2019,4

In countries where conscription exists exclusively for men, THBT feminists should advocate for the conscription of women

Feminism/Gender No Theme

BP Novice West,2019,SF

THBT people who currently promote vegetarianism on animal welfare grounds should instead advocate for consumption of products where the production process treats animals well. e.g.) products with "Certified Animal Welfare Claims" like "cage free"products

Animal Right No Theme

BP Novice West,2019,GF

TH regrets the use of derogatory terms currently used for cigarette smokers. e.g.) Yanikasu

Health Narrative/Norm No Theme

ABP,2018,HS SF

THBT developing countries should sell their custodian rights over their wildlife within their territories to private corporations

Development No Theme


THW impose heavy penalties on planned obsolescence

Planned obsolescence is the corporate strategy of planning or designing a product with an artificially limited useful life, so it will become obsolete (that is, unfashionable or no longer functional) after a certain period of time.
CJS No Theme


THBT Japan should actively participate in the One Belt One Road initiative

IR Development No Theme


TH, as the feminist movement, opposes the "not like other girls" trope

"Not like other girls" trope is a common TV/Movie/Book/Meme plot or characterization where the main female protagonist is described as being "different" and "unusual" (e.g. being smart, emotionally resilient, down to earth, independent, less caring, lacks interest in certain things) compared to other 'typical girls.'
Feminism/Gender No Theme


Assuming feasibility, THW implement the "Literal and Universal Birth Lottery" system

"Literal and Universal Birth Lottery" is a cool word I came up with. It refers to a system in which parents do not raise their own biological children. Instead, they will raise children who are randomly assigned to them through a lottery in a universal/global scale. For example, a Japanese parent may be assigned a Thai child, and vice versa.
Child/Reproduction No Theme


TH regrets the practice of competing on national costumes in international beauty contests

Art/Sport/Culture No Theme


THW require government involvement and approval for creation and renewal of all labor contracts

Labor/Welfare No Theme


THW mandate all development aid to be administered by international organization. (i.e. World Bank, AIIB, AIB, etc)

Development No Theme


THW opposes the social norm to hide or mischaracterize truths about the world from children (e.g. “sinners go to hell”, future prospect & careers, there ability compared to other children)

Child/Reproduction Narrative/Norm No Theme


THBT developing countries should heavily disincentivize rural to urban migration

Development No Theme


THBT public museums should never diplay offensive arts

Art/Sport/Culture No Theme


THW require religious leaders to revise doctrines that undermine gender equality

Feminism/Gender No Theme


TH opposes the trend of tech companies offering egg freezing as employee benefits

Child/Reproduction Labor/Welfare No Theme


THP a world where humans can completely tame their own emotions

Narrative/Norm Morality No Theme

Ryoso,2019,Pre SF

THW allow members of the armed forces to form labor unions

Military/Security Labor/Welfare No Theme

Japan BP,2019,GF

THW venerate Toshimichi Okubo instead of Takamori Saigo as a hero

Takamori Saigo and Toshimichi Okubo were central figures in the overthrow of the Tokugawa Shogunate. Takamori Saigo was a military leader who disagreed vehemently with westernization, and resigned from the Meiji government for its refusal to invade Korea. Saigo was a traditionalist who wished to preserve samurai values. He instigated and died in a rebellion against the Meiji government over its mistreatment of the samurai caste. Toshimichi Okubo was a bureaucrat responsible for the establishment of a modern governmental structure in Japan. He went on tour to the West and came back convinced that Japan needed to adopt the Western method of development. As Home Minister, Okubo fought and defeated his former friend Saigo. The samurai deemed Okubo as a traitor and assassinated him as a result. Saigo is still worshipped in Japan today, venerated as the “last true samurai” and a defender of Japanese national identity. Okubo is not.
Politics Military/Security No Theme


This House would abolish primary and secondary school grades/years that group children based on age, and instead group them by competency and intelligence

Education/Academia No Theme


THBT developing countries should acquire, on the open market, large stakes in major publicly-traded global corporations (eg. Google, JP Morgan, Shell, and Pfizer)

Development No Theme


This House would allow children to sue their parents for religious indoctrination

Indoctrination means teaching someone to accept beliefs uncritically. In the case of religion, this can include (but is not limited to) emphasising strict adherence to religious teachings and not presenting alternative viewpoints
Religion Child/Reproduction No Theme


This House believes that the Mexican government should adopt measures that enable one cartel to monopolise the drug market. (These measures can include but are not limited to: targeting enemy cartels; selective arrests; stopping military deployments to areas controlled by this cartel; and renouncing the headhunt on its current leaders.)

Military/Security Health No Theme


This House believes that ASEAN should abandon "the ASEAN Way"

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) comprises Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. At its formation, ASEAN adopted principles that have come to be known as “the ASEAN Way.” These principles place strong emphasis on national sovereignty, and a commitment to non-intervention in the affairs of member states. All ASEAN decisions are made unanimously
IR No Theme


This house believes that Islamic authorities in South East Asia should issue a fatwa denouncing Wahhabism

In the Islamic faith, a fatwa is a non-binding but authoritative legal opinion or learned interpretation issued by a qualified religious leader, pertaining to Islamic law and ethics. Followers are expected to adhere to these rulings. Wahhabism is an Islamic doctrine and religious movement that is often described as ultraconservative and puritan. It aims to restore what its believers consider to be the only correct and pure form of Islam. Saudi Arabia politically and financially supports Wahhabism around the world.
Religion No Theme


This house would require all sports teams to be majority owned by members of the local community

Art/Sport/Culture No Theme


TH supports the promotion of collective guilt after large scale crimes against humanity

Morality No Theme


THBT the US Democratic Party should prioritise emplyment issues, even at the expense of significant harms to the environment

Environment Labor/Welfare No Theme


TH Opposes the Defining Decade norm

The ‘Defining Decade’ is a cultural norm which urges young adults to persistently persue life goals, even at the expense of significantly neglecting immideate desires. As part of this approach it is common to seek to maximise educational value from most activities, seek more responsibility at work, seek instrumental value from social relationships, and stigmatise idle time.
Narrative/Norm No Theme


THBT it is in the interest of the Kremlin to take measures to reduce Russian dependency on China

e.g limit the selling of raw materials to China, reduce the share of Yuan in Russia’s currency reserves, not allowing Chinese companies to develop strategic infastructure such as 5G in Russia
IR No Theme


TH regrets the glorification of the immediate postcolonial leaders in Sub-Saharan Africa

No Theme


TH regrets the increasing trend of popular shows featuring neurodivergence* as the central theme

Neurodivergence refers to those whose psychology is non standard, e.g. for reasons of mental health, mental disability, etc.
Health No Theme


TH, as Colombia, would cease cooperation with the USA in the War Against Drugs

No Theme


THBT Artists should not participate in the ongoing interpretation of their art

Art/Sport/Culture No Theme


THW encourage women to be selfish

Feminism/Gender No Theme


THBT South Korea should abandon the goal of, and all policies which aim at, Korean reunification

IR No Theme


THW allow American soldiers to sue their government for waging "unjust war"

Military/Security No Theme


THBT skilled migrants should be made to pay tax to their countries of origin

Economics No Theme


THS Beyonce’s celebration of black liberation groups that endorse and use violence as a strategy

No Theme


THS the doctrine of odious debt

Odious debt is the legal doctrine that holds that the national debt incurred by a regime for purposes that do not serve the interests of the nation, should not be enforceable.
Economics No Theme


THBT the Mexican government should adopt measures that enable the Sinaloa Cartel to monopolise the drug market

No Theme


THBT the international community should create an independent sovereign Rohingya state in northern Rakhine

IR No Theme


THBT the Chinese Communist Party should grant its citizens significantly greater religious freedom

Religion No Theme

Japan BP,2018,Rookie GF

TH would abandon attempts to ban gun ownership in favor of pushing existing gun companies to become "ethical gun manufacturers"

“ethical gun manufacturers” refers to gun manufacturing companies that choose not to sell their product to certain countries (such as Heckler & Koch announcing that they will not sell to non-NATO, non-EU countries) as well as setting up measures such as victim funds for gun violence victims
Military/Security No Theme

Japan BP,2018,GF

THBT Japanese feminists should actively uncover stories of Japanese comfort women

Feminism/Gender No Theme

Japan BP,2017,2

THBT western liberal democracies should dismantle political parties that promotes racist ideologies

Politics No Theme


Assuming feasibility, THW erase sense of fear from soldiers

Military/Security No Theme


TH, as Western liberal democracies, would impose sanctions on Saudi Arabia.

IR No Theme


This house believes that countries with ageing populations should increase immigrations rather than encouraging their own citizens to have more children

Child/Reproduction Labor/Welfare No Theme


In democratic post-colonial states, This house believes that opposition parties to the party of independence should claim and use the legacy of anti-colonial resistance

IR No Theme

Autumn Tournament,2017,SF

THW moonlight as an escort

You are young and successful female feminist leading a decent middle class life. You are eager to experience life to the fullest extent
Feminism/Gender No Theme

Autumn Tournament,2017,2

THW enforce a maximum moral income

A maximum moral income is a maximum income that is morally defensible. Anything beyond that would be morally indefensible.
Morality No Theme

Autumn Tournament,2017,3

Assuming feasibility, THW remove desire of individuals to pursue self-beneficial actions

No Theme

Autumn Tournament,2017,4

THW prefer a world in which outcomes of life (such as education, employment, etc) is determined by machine intelligence rather than human free will

Narrative/Norm No Theme

Autumn Tournament,2017,5

THR the recent liberal trend to criticize western societies adopting non-western culture ie music, fashion or food

Art/Sport/Culture No Theme


TH, as an international student from a democratic country studying in Hong Kong, would choose not to leave

Politics Education/Academia No Theme


THBT schools should teach students from a young age that "nobody is completely straight".

Minority Education/Academia No Theme


THBT Western liberal democracies should restrict multinational corporations from investing and establishing branches in illiberal states (e.g. Philippines, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia).

IR Politics No Theme


THBT the United Nations should remove the veto power of the P5 rather than expand Security Council to include new permanent seats

Military/Security IR No Theme

Tokyo Mini,2019,2

TH prefers a national parliament elected by Single-Member District over Proportional Representation

Politics No Theme

Tokyo Mini,2019,3

THBT political view/opinions is a legitimate criteria in employment decision

Labor/Welfare Politics No Theme

Tokyo Mini,2019,GF

THBT the United States should adopt wealth tax

Economics No Theme


THBT it is the interest of the Iranian government to immediately and unilaterally halt its nuclear weapons program

IR Military/Security No Theme


Assuming that humanity prior to the Industrial Revolution had knowledge of how industrialization led to widespread environmental destruction, THBT humanity, at that point in time, has a moral obligation to reject industrialization

Environment Morality No Theme


TH, as Northeast Asian parents, would raise their children as Third Culture Kids

Third Culture Kid(TCK): TCKs are people raised in a culture other than that of their parents for a significant part of their early development years. TCKs move between cultures before they have had the opportunity to fully develop their personal and cultural identity.
Art/Sport/Culture Child/Reproduction No Theme


TH, as the Feminist Movement, would publicly denounce Sheila's talk

Sheila is a woman who was subjected to forced marriage back in the rural town where she was born. After many years, Sheila has come to terms with her marriage and leads a happy life with her husband and children. She intends on giving a talk on the positive aspects of her marriage and how forced marriage is a legitimate way of life.
Feminism/Gender No Theme

HKDO,2017,Pre QF

THBT Feminists should campaign for the full decriminalisation of prostitution globally (i.e. no penalties for buyers and prostitutes) instead of partial decriminalisation (i.e. penalties only for buyers)

Feminism/Gender No Theme


THBT it is in the interest of the Democratic Party of the US to move away from centrist policies and support massive wealth redistribution

Politics No Theme


TH regrets cram school culture

Education/Academia No Theme


THW remove all criminal penalties for knowingly exposing partners to HIV

CJS No Theme

Oxford IV,2018,GF

THP a world where people believe you should maximize productivity to a world where people believe you should maximize leisure

Narrative/Norm No Theme

Oxford IV,2017,3

TH Prefers Asian Values to Western liberalism

Art/Sport/Culture No Theme

Oxford IV,2017,ESL SF

THBT that the EU should suspend the voting rights of Poland

Military/Security No Theme


THBT religious organization should not pursue profit and accumulate wealth out of its spiritual servises and products

Religion No Theme


THW ban the publication, exhibition, and sale of art created through self-injury.

Art/Sport/Culture No Theme


THBT military intervention should be approved by national referendum

Military/Security No Theme


THW ban all research into the creation of strong AI

No Theme


THBT social media should aggressively promote content that is divergent to the user's current opinions

Media/SNS No Theme


TH prefers a world in which all individuals who have achieved a middle class standard of living choose to pursue the highest level of achievement in their chosen career, rather than a wold in which those individuals priorities day-to-day enjoyment over work

Narrative/Norm No Theme


This house would not allow out of court settlements for workplace discrimination and harrasment

CJS No Theme


TH, as the Chinese Communist Party, would lift all restrictions on foreign investments in China, except restrictions critical to national security

There are currently a number of restrictions on foreign entities investing in China. Such restrictions include, but are not limited to: government approval for large foreign investments in China; limitations on the proportion of certain sectors that can be owned by foreign entities; and foreign companies that enter China are required to do so in a 50% joint venture with a local firm.
No Theme

Japan BP,2017,1

THW ban home schooling

Education/Academia No Theme


THBT scholars who study under-represented groups in history should emphasize their contribution to events that are commonly considered historically significant, rather than studying the history of those groups' contributions to their own societies.

No Theme


THBT, in large metropolitan areas, the government should use eminent domain to create high density housing development.

Labor/Welfare Economics No Theme


THBT social movements should abandon the tactic of publicly shaming individuals in order to accomplish change

Minority No Theme


In liberal democracies, THW implement a Social Credit System

A Social Credit System is a national government-facilitated rating system that rewards citizens for good behaviour and sanctions them for bad behaviour. 1. It evaluates a defined set of actions that includes but goes beyond illegal or legally-obligatory acts (e.g., charitable donations, recycling, volunteer work; or jaywalking, and littering). 2. Scores can be given by members of the public, corporations, NGOs, and the government. 3. Based on these scores, the government applies rewards and sanctions (e.g., fast-track through airport security, government-subsidised mortgages, free public transportation; or higher tax, slower document-processing times, and increased barriers to public sector jobs)
Narrative/Norm CJS No Theme


THBT the feminist movement should support the narrative that "beauty does not matter" over the narrative that "all bodies are beautiful"

Feminism/Gender Narrative/Norm No Theme


This house regrets the social preferences for positivity and optimism.

Narrative/Norm No Theme

Autumn Tournament,2019,4

THS female vigilante groups in areas with chronically high rate of crimes against women(e.g. Gulabi Gang in India).

CJS No Theme

Autumn Tournament,2019,Rookie GF

THW ban extremist political parties.

Politics No Theme

Autumn Tournament,2019,SF

THBT the IMF should bail out countries heavily indebted to China only when they agree to cancel further infrastructure projects with China.

IR Development No Theme

Autumn Tournament,2019,GF

THBT Japanese government should stop memorialization of their soldiers' deaths during WWⅡ.

Military/Security IR No Theme

Autumn Tournament,2018,GF

TH prefers the world with one unified currency

Economics No Theme

BP Novice West,2017,QF

TH opposes specialization of female athletes

Feminism/Gender No Theme

EUDC,2017,Pre Oct

THBT the US should reverse the 'Pivot to Asia' strategy

IR No Theme


As feminist movement, TH supports women using her sexuality/femininity (Ex. flirt with superiors and customers) to climb up the corporate ladder

Feminism/Gender No Theme


THBT developing countries should adopt English as the principal language of instruction in schools

Development Education/Academia No Theme


THR the perception that soldiers are heroes

Narrative/Norm No Theme

Momiji,2018,Pre QF

THBT social sanctions should be a mitigating factor of criminal length

A social sanction is a reaction from others in society to an acused person. It varies in society from releasing the private information by media, dismissal by his company, or the insult on the internet.
CJS No Theme


THBT former colonial powers should drastically increase the number of immigrants from their ex-colonies

IR No Theme


THW force religous adoption agencies to allow same-sex couples to foster and adopt children

Religous adoption agency is an agency run by religous organization such as Catholic. They assist in placing chilren to adoptive parents that are looking for children.
Religion No Theme

Autumn Tournament,2019,QF

THBT the U.S. government should cap copay for prescription drugs.

Health No Theme

Cambridge IV,2018,GF

From behind a veil of ignorance, TH would choose to not be born

Child/Reproduction No Theme

BP Novice West,2019,QF

THW ban slum tourism run and profited by people living outside the slum

No Theme


THBT the U.S. should eliminate all protective measures on the trading and use of green technologies.

No Theme


THBT states have moral justifications to implement death penalty

CJS Morality No Theme


THR the media emphasis on the gender of successful female professionals

Feminism/Gender No Theme


THBT progressive movements should not doxx

Doxxing is an internet-based practice of researching and broadcasting private or identifiable information (e.g. name, address, occupation etc.) about an individual or organization.
Morality No Theme


THR the narrative that motherhood is an intrinsically fulfilling experience

Narrative/Norm No Theme


TH regrets the rising public skepticism towards science

Narrative/Norm No Theme


THW ban sex selective abortion

Sex-selective abortion is the practice of terminating a pregnancy based upon the predicted sex of the infant. The selective abortion of female fetuses is most common where male children are valued over female children
Child/Reproduction No Theme


TH as privileged (intellectual/good family back ground /having a well payed job…etc) feminist, would not marry males with higher social statuses

Feminism/Gender No Theme


THW subsidise art that glorifies the working class

Art/Sport/Culture No Theme


THBT Catholic religious officials in Mexico should not make statements in support of governmental policies, political parties, or candidates.

Religion No Theme

Japan BP,2019,2

THR the glorification of woman's resilience in dealing with difficulties/ suffering

Feminism/Gender No Theme


THR the use of human rights discourse that is predominantly in favor of civil and political rights by Western liberal democracies, against other countries/ ethnicities/ religions with different ideologies and priorities

Morality Narrative/Norm No Theme

Ryoso,2019,Rookie GF

THW suspend democracy in times of economic crisis

Politics Economics No Theme

Tokyo Mini,2019,1

THW criminalize adultery

CJS No Theme


THBT the US Democratic Party should move to the left in candidate selection and policy platform

Politics No Theme

Japan BP,2018,4

THBT the moderation of content on social media should solely be based on the legality of the content as opposed to including the company's individual community guidelines

Media/SNS No Theme


THBT state should allocate scientific research fund according to public interest

No Theme


THW ban the development of AIs designed for military combat.

Military/Security No Theme


Given the recent decline of popularity of feminism, TH as a woman who believes in the need to advocate for gender equality, would not call oneself a “feminist”

Feminism/Gender No Theme

WUDC,2019,Pre Oct

THBT the WHO should adopt a convention which bans the sell of drugs with high resistance tendencies (e.g. antibiotics) to countries which do not comply with WHO guidelines regarding their medical and agricultural use

The World Health Organisation has adopted conventions on various health topics which can impose binding regulations on member states.
Health No Theme


TH, as feminist movement, would advocate against advertisements which use female sexuality to appeal to customers

Feminism/Gender No Theme

Japan BP,2019,4

THO the idealization of the pacifist civil rights leader

Military/Security No Theme

Japan BP,2019,QF

THBT former colonies should actively de-emphasize prominent western thinkers in their education

Education/Academia No Theme

Autumn Tournament,2017,Pre SF

THW only allow medical research and treatment for the specific purpose of pain allevation and never for life prolongment or death prevention

Health No Theme

Oxford IV,2018,3

TH, as Israel, would end compulsory military service

Military/Security No Theme

Japan BP,2019,Rookie SF

THBT Western liberal democracies should cease their efforts to universalize liberal values

Politics No Theme

Japan BP,2019,Rookie GF

THW use the technology

There is a technology that would allow for you to completely erase the existing human race, and any traces of the human species having ever existed
Morality No Theme


THW grant all sentient animals the rights to life, liberty and bodily integrity that humans enjoy

Animal Right No Theme


THBT the state of Israel should cease using the holocaust as a core justification for its existence

No Theme


THBT developing countries should privatise their State-Owned Enterprises (such as airlines, railway utility companies)

Development No Theme

BP Novice West,2019,1

THR the narrative "experience of hardship and agony is necessary for success"

Narrative/Norm No Theme


This House, as China, would grant universal suffrage to Hong Kong

Politics No Theme
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